MissingAnnika Amundson

Student Assistant III/Docent at the CU Heritage Center since February 2009 Currently completing a Professional Certificate in Museology at CU Boulder High level Mandarin skills, proficient in both Traditional and Simplified Characters

8Chao-Ling KUO 郭昭翎

國立臺灣博物館 教育推廣組 研究人員 透過這個國際合作案,我們建立了這個網站平台,讓臺灣和美國的原住民文化可以越界合作交流,也因為這樣我們拜訪了許多美麗的地方也認識了很多好朋友!

10Clarenda Ann Begay

Collection & Exhibit Curator, Navajo Nation Museum (Navajo Tribal Museum), Window Rock, Arizona Former National Park Service employee at Hubbell Trading Trading National Historic Site, Ganado Arizona

I am Diné. We were once known as Naabaani,, the Fierce Warriors. Today, we refer to ourselves as Diné, The People, also Náhookah Diyin Diné, the Earth's Surface Holy People. We are a matrilineal society, I am of my mother's clan and born for my father's clan and always recognize my grandfathers clans, known as Ké (clanship). Therefore, I am of the Zuni Red Running Into the Water Clan, (Naasht´ézhí Táchii´nii), and born for the Towering House People, (Kinyaa´áanii). My maternal grandfather (cheii) is of the Bitter Water People, (Tódich´inii) and my paternal grandfather (nali) is of the Edge of the Water People, (Tábaahi). My mother is Sarah Naha Begay and my father's name is Clarence Peterson, Sr. I am originally from the Jeddito/Antalope Springs community, located near the Hopi reservation in Arizona. Today, my relatives still reside there and I live in Gallup, New Mexico. I have (3) daughters; Shauna, Kim & Kami and (4) and (1) adopted grandsons. They are Noah, Koby, Jacob, Caleb and Stephen . I look forward to learning and sharing with the Indigenous Peoples, the Paiwan, the Taiwan National Museum and the University of Colorado National History Museum on this exciting journey to connect the East and the West.

4Fumei Lin (林 芙美)

I am a research assistant and IT manager of National Taiwan Museum. I am participating in collection management system and collection digitalization since 2003. During the visits in indigenous villages in recent yeas, I was deeply touched by their sweet smiles and voices. I am glad to join iShare project and help the Paiwan to preserve and dissemate their culture.

MissingIrina Fartushnikova

I am a graduate student in the Museum and Field Studies program at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I created a digitization protocol for the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History and I will be working with the intern from the Navajo Nation Museum to help create a similar document.

5Jen Shannon

I am the principal investigator for the grant and the project manager for the iShare project. I currently hold a joint appointment at the University of Colorado - Boulder where I am an Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology in the Department of Anthropology and a Curator at the Museum of Natural History.

In 2008, I completed a PhD in Sociocultural Anthropology from Cornell University. My research documented the collaborative process of “community curating” at the National Museum of the American Indian, where I had worked previously. After graduating, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia’s Department of Anthropology from 2008-2009 where I taught museum studies and cultural anthropology. My research focuses on collaboration between museums and indigenous peoples and issues of indigenous rights and representation.

15Jim Hakala

I am the Senior Educator at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, and the lead second for the iShare project at the CU-Boulder Museum of Natural History working on the education materials, overall budget, and evaluation. I studied museum education at the George Washington University (MAT) and at Western Michigan University (BS) and have worked as an educator with the National Park Service, the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum, and the Kalamazoo (MI) Public Museum, among other places. I have conducted visitor studies and evaluations for numerous organizations, including the American Association of Museum's Museum Assessment Program, and have been actively involved in the American Association of Museums and am a Past Chair of the Executive Board of the Standing Professional Committee on Education (EdCom).

MissingJoewu Chi

hi ~ i share

7Kendall Tallmadge

I'm a graduate student at CU-Boulder working on my masters in anthropology and business. Jen Shannon is my advisor and I work as a graduate research assistant at the CU Natural History Museum. I'm also a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation from Wisconsin where I research cultural tourism.

MissingKimberly A. Couvson-Liebe

I am a sociocultural Anthropologist with expertise in the ethnographic study of advertising and branding in mainland China (primarily urban China, especially Beijing). I have worked on matters concerning contemporary Chinese society for over 15 years, first as an undergraduate student for my BA in Cultural Anthropology (U of Washington, Seattle), then for an A.M. in Regional Studies East Asia (concentrating: Chinese society and culture) (Harvard), and finally for my Ph.D. (Cornell). As a result of my research experiences I speak fluent Mandarin and am well-acquainted with ongoing matters concerning China's current development objectives, the place of creativity and innovation within this framework, as well as how media and strategic thinking play an increasingly important role in not only how the rest of the world sees China, but also how China sees itself.

16LIllian Liu

Township, Pingtung County to justice from the Museum of the work of the Aboriginal partners!

MissingMaxwell Anderson

I am one of the undergrads helping with translation.

2Nicholas Jakobsen

I'm one of the developers of iShare. I work at Culture Code.

Missingpan vawni


MissingRena Martin

Hello, I hope this works.

39Robert Rutherford

My name is Robert Rutherford and I am a graduate student in the University of Colorado Museum and Field Studies Program. I also work as an education assistant in the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History. During my tenure at the museum I have been helping Jim Hakala develop content for the Discovery Kit Program and leading tours in the museum, primarily for schoolchildren. For the iShare project, I will be working on the Navajo teaching kits.

3Ryan Wallace

I'm one of the developers working on the iShare project. Please feel free to contact me with any feedback you have about the website!

20Sunnia Kao

Hi~ I'm a "Paiwanese girl"~ so glad to be here and share :D

21wei chen yu

Head of Education & Exhibition Dept, National Taiwan Museum

11Yang Yi-ching

I come from the Yun Lin County in central southern Taiwan. Every year during the mid autumn festival, my hometown harvests wonderful grapefruits that make your mouth fragrant. Of course, if anyone wants to drink Taiwanese coffee, they can also come to my hometown. The moon sits just on the mountains blowing a gentle breeze, where one enjoys a limitless view of the abundant scenery of fine clouds and the flatlands.

Because I like original artwork, stories and oral histories, and often live a very whimsical life, I frequently go to places of vast cultural difference. Perhaps in one of my lives my soul was of an ethnic minority. I feel very fortunate to be working on project iShare, and I hope that everyone can become one big family.


Hello ~ I to justice Township, Pingtung County Museum of aboriginal residency beaded craft home, very pleased to join the family love to share!


I Art and Design, National Taiwan Museum.

14林 建男


24陳 文山

I grew up in and currently live in a Paiwanese village in Taiwan. I am diligently recording, hoping to preserve and pass on the wisdom of our ancestors. This is a challenging problem in our lifetime. To earnestly teach the next generation of children so that they can see the precious culture of our village acts as a pressing self test. Cheering on our fellow clansmen, our culture will not become history, but will continue to be a vibrant living culture that we take great pride in.


嗨~我小時候喜歡騎在銅牛的背上!也喜歡在博物館裡繞來繞去的~ OMG~我好愛臺博館XDDD我也愛推廣組的大家!