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The Navajo Nation and the Paiwan tribe requested that there be teaching kits associated with the outcomes of this collaborative project. These teaching kits will provide information about the Navajo and Paiwan peoples to elementary school classrooms in all four partner locations - in schools in the Navajo Nation and in Laiyi where the Paiwan live, and in Taipei and Boulder County. The kits are being developed with and by the indigenous partners of iShare.

Click on the photos to the right to see images of the portable Navajo teaching kit and the Paiwan teaching kit available for local classrooms in the four partner communities. For more photos, click here for Navajo materials or here for Paiwan materials. The teaching kits are designed to fit in a carry-on suitcase and include objects, ideas for classroom activities, and a glossary of terms.

Website Resources for Teaching about Indigenous Peoples

Click here for Navajo Teaching Kit Online Resources.

Click here for Paiwan Teaching Kit Online Resources .

This portion of iShare provides links to learning resources from the kits for teachers to download and use in the classroom in association with this website. Classrooms outside of the partner locations will be able to learn about indigenous peoples in the East and in the West using these materials.

A Dialogue Among Students and Across the World

An ongoing dialogue has been facilitated between Navajo and Paiwan students through video sharing and the iShare website. Click on the videos to the right to hear what students want to know about each other and their communities.