At the Navajo partners' request, the Navajo Nation Museum and University of Colorado Museum of Natural History worked together to produce portable teaching kits for local classrooms in Navajoland, Boulder, Taipei and Laiyi - the locations of the four partner museums. The National Taiwan Museum and Paiwan partners produced similar teaching kits for each of these locations as well. Packed into rolling suitcases, the kits are easy to transport and contain teacher manuals, objects, activities and audiovisual materials. However, we also wanted to make these materials accessible to a broader audience than only the four partner locations, so we have provided the content of the kits and images of the objects here. For questions about how to use the materials, contact Jim Hakala at UCMNH or Chen-Yu Wei at NTM.

  • Culture: Navajo
  • Data Provider: University of Colorado
  • Object Types: teaching kit
  • Person: James Hakala, Rena Martin, Robert Rutherford, Clarenda Begay, Carmelita Topaha, Chen-Yu Wei, Robert Johnson, and Char Kruger

Public Record