Navajo man's pouch made of leather that may have been salvaged from boots or shoes. It is decorated with 2 identical large conchas in the center of the flap. Each concha is held to the flap via 2 thick pieces of leather, pushed through a heavy loop on the back of each concha. The conchas also have a small turquoise set in plain bezel in the center, scalloped edges with a central repoussé design around the turquoise, and stamped designs around the edges . Around edge of flap are 9 old cast buttons, each set with turquoise and with silver arms radiating out from the turquoise; 4 of which are missing a few of their silver arms. Flap has holes and impressions of buttons that have since been lost. The strap is lined with 72 Mercury dimes, earliest of which dates to 1919, and the latest to 1944. Old pawn with no known history. Possibly made in 1945, but could be modification of older one due to impressions from missing buttons.
From catalog card: For more information on leather pouches, see "Indian Silverwork of the Southwest" by Harry P. Mera, pp. 109-113 and "Indian Silver" by Margery Bedinger, pp. 30-31

  • Catalogue Number: 26819
  • Culture: Navajo
  • Data Provider: University of Colorado
  • Materials: silver, leather, and turquoise
  • Measurements: 16cm x 15cm

Public Record