Navajo board painting. It depicts 7 figures, 5 of which are on pedestals and 3 are skirted yei figures. Outside figures face inward, middle figures face forward. Colors used include green, blue, red, brown for the skirts, and orange & yellow for the bodies. Next to the 2 outside yei are 2 downward-pointing arrows with black points, brown shafts, and yellow and black feathered ends. 2 cornstalks are on either side of the middle yei. The corners of the board are rounded. On back: "By Paul N. Lee, c/o Redrock Trading Post, Shiprock, NM." May form a set with 33985

  • Catalogue Number: 33984
  • Culture: Navajo
  • Data Provider: University of Colorado
  • Materials: wood and paint
  • Measurements: 35.5cm x 16cm

Public Record