Silver stamped ketoh mounted on a leather band. The silver plaque is decorated with four S-shaped repoussé elements that point to the four corners of the plate. There are also stamped designs of what appear to be arrows fanning out from the center that point to the top and bottom of the plate; one side has 6 arrows and the other has 7. The edge of the plate and the outlines of the S-shapes are stamped with a braided repeating pattern. The leather band has one scalloped edge and is stamped with horseshoe, star, sun, and concha designs. Inscription on inside in black ink: "63.18.39." The plate and the leather are heavily polished, suggesting the ketoh was well worn.

  • Catalogue Number: 45156
  • Culture: Navajo
  • Data Provider: University of Colorado
  • Object Types: jewelry
  • Materials: silver, leather, and copper
  • Measurements: 9.3cm x 6.2cm

Public Record