On September 2010, Typhoon Fanapi caused a route changing of the river close to East Laiyi Village in Laiyi Township, Pingtung County. Thirty-eight houses were flushed away or even submerged by mud and debris, including the Slate House, a private Paiwan Heritage Centre of Mr. Mo-Syong Li. Wun-Shan Chen, the Exhibition Planner of Laiyi Indigenous Museum in Laiyi Township, reckoned there were many cultural relics with compelling anthropological value worthy to be salvaged. Therefore, he appealed to Sir Zih-Ning Li of National Taiwan Museum for some excavation, arrangement and restoration works. The salvage team of NTM was sent on Sep. 28th, 2010. A total of 146 cultural relics were saved and immediately processed during the next three days (including relics classifying, cataloguing, photographing, cleaning, drying and mildew removing, etc). Those relics were then moved to a saver place, waiting for other upcoming preservative procedures.

(Translated by Sunnia Kao)

  • Catalogue Number: NTM0004
  • Culture: Paiwan
  • Data Provider: National Taiwan Museum
  • Object Types: Historical Event

Public Record