wearing blanket, diyugi style; compound bands, includes raveled & respun flannel* From Expanded Description: orangey-red yarn: raveled, respun, dye synthetic (tested); 1 zTypical Puelbo wearing blanket. Design consists of white background, the white is streaked in places due to a few wefts of combed grey. Decoration consists of six striped bands. The two center bands consist of multiple groups of alternating stripes of silver grey and black seperated by red stripes. The four outer bands are alike and consist of three multiple stripes of silver grey and black seperated by wider red stripes. Warp is handspun Z-spun, 1-ply natural wool. Weft is handspun Z-spun, 1-ply wool.

  • Catalogue Number: 21074
  • Culture: Navajo
  • Data Provider: University of Colorado
  • Object Types: textile
  • Materials: wool and dye: synthetic
  • Measurements: 154cm x 105.5cm

Public Record