Single iron blade, wooden handle with copper skin, iron sheath with carved human face patterns. (Translated by Sunnia Kao)

All Paiwan males carried knives. The knife’s hilt and sheath was usually made from wood and for those of the nobles, also decorated with distinctive motifs or inlaid with metal buttons. When traveling, knives were worn on the left side of the waist, which is why the end of the sheath always curves upwards. (Text by Pai Lu Wu, translation by Chao Ling Kuo)

  • Catalogue Number: AT002041
  • Culture: Paiwan
  • Data Provider: National Taiwan Museum
  • Object Types: Daily Appliance
  • Materials: Wood, Iron and Copper
  • Measurements: 60cm
  • From: Gulou Clan (Kŭlălào Clan)

Public Record