This is a Navajo concha belt with 8 silver conchas set with turquoise and mounted on a thin black simulated alligator belt. The conchas are crudely hammered silver dollars (or perhaps 50-cent pieces - JBW), with slightly raised centers. The center of each concha is set with a hand-polished oval Cabachon turquoise in a plain bezel. The rectangular buckle has rounded corners, a cut square tongue is homemade brass wire. A stamped pattern of 4 ovals surrounds each turquoise. Each oval is formed by 2 crescent-shaped, serrated-edged stamps, with a round punch mark at their junction opposite the stone. The conchas' edges are decorated with a continuous border of alternating crescent and round punch marks. The rim of the buckle is adorned with a long, flat crescent-shaped stamp with a serrated edge, separated by flared elements. * From Expanded Description: The repousse work appears to have been done on a stone rather than on an anvil. Inexpert work; may have been done by an apprentice or amateur for their own use. Appears to have been made at a time when coins were still in use as raw material, probably 1920-1925 (JBW).

  • Catalogue Number: 32207
  • Culture: Navajo
  • Data Provider: University of Colorado
  • Object Types: jewelry
  • Materials: silver, leather, turquoise, copper, and brass
  • Measurements: 84cm x 5cm

Public Record