Elton Manygoats, Artist
Coal Mine Canyon, Arizona

55 gallon steel barrel lid, 24" diam, beer aluminum can, copper pennies, dream catcher, leather, string, 30--6 ammo shell and 7 dangling chain links, steel can lids, Bamboo pipe stem with juniper pipe bowl and leather fringes.
Blue Bird Flour Endowment in honor of Halworth & Carmen Tanner
Cortez Milling Inc, Company

  • Catalogue Number: Blue Bird Flour Collection - 2010
  • Culture: Navajo
  • Data Provider: Navajo Nation Museum
  • Object Types: contemporary art
  • Materials: leather, copper, aluminum, cotton string, seel, bamboo, and wood: juniper
  • Creator: Elton Manygoats
  • shape: round, flat (55 gallon steel can lid)

Public Record