The Laiyi clan used to reside on a steep tableland. The problems of overpopulation and lobsters crawling in the ancient stove when habitants made fire constantly disturbed the habitants’ lifestyle. Therefore, one Paiwan spiritualist made a request to Ruvaniaw, the Chief, to lead some of the residents to Wuful, on the southeastern side of the mountain, where the present Laiyi Village of Laiyi Township is settling. During the migration, the others moved to the south, and they have become residents of the present Danlin Village, Laiyi Township. This was the first division and migration in Laiyi clan’s history.

Reference: Taiwan Fan Zu Tu Pu (Taiwan Aboriginal Atlas)

(Translated by Sunnia Kao)

  • Catalogue Number: NTM0003
  • Culture: Paiwan
  • Data Provider: National Taiwan Museum
  • Object Types: Historical Event

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